We welcome you to the frequency of love.

Uniting & vibrating hearts through multi-instrumental sound experiences, breath, heart songs and cacao medicine.

Hi, we are Pranamor:
Fern Olivia & Maxim Marlo

We welcome you to the frequency of love.  We offer you a journey into the heart with ceremonies, concerts, rituals and celebrations. Our intention will always be to guide you to remember the music that connects us to the Divine, Angels, and Mother Earth.

How People Experience Us

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Fern and Maxim create so much divine magic together, they are two angels spreading light with their music. Their sound journeys are heavenly and take me into another level of deep inner peace & love. And their live music generates so much tranquility, joy, and higher frequency energy around them, it is so healing and activating! You can really feel that they are creating from deep within their hearts and expressing so purely from their souls, it is such a magical and inspiring experience to hear them play.

— Mollie Lowery
Holistic Coach & Healer
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My partner and I had an amazing time. This passionate couple shared their stories about cacao and how they fell in love with the fruit. We drank cacao and then slowly slipped into the sound bath bliss. I’ve been to many sound baths in my life and their music is as potent and as rich in love as I’ve heard. Paring it with the location and cacao is pure bliss. I highly recommend this to anyone who has curiosity about cacao, healing through sound, sound baths, relaxation and unique experiences while in Costa Rica!

— Kimberly Zimmerman
Funder of Juicy Life
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What a magical experience! I'm so glad I booked this for my boyfriend and I. It was his first time experiencing a cacao ceremony and he was blown away! Such beautiful music, comfortable and inspiring vibes. I enjoyed every minute of it and I can’t wait to come back and hopefully organize a retreat with them with some friends! So much to look forward to!

— Yumuka Hoskin
Entrepreneur & Model
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I worked with Fern to create a custom retreat that included body/mind therapies each day, plus three personal ceremonies. The therapies ranged from massage and breathwork, to sound, reiki, Ayurvedic treatments, kundalini, kirtan, dance, and more. Fern was the perfect guide - surrounding me with music, touch, scent, care and support. Her patience, generosity and seemingly endless array of healing modalities positively enveloped me. Planning a retreat in such great detail is very hard to do and she did it perfectly.

— Rachelle Robinett
Founder Pharmakon Supernatural® Cafe
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Wow! Such a spectacular experience! I feel so calm, centered and present as well as informed on local life in Costa Rica! The music was beautiful and I loved the ceremony! Fern has such a calming presence and voice. I highly recommend, so grateful I came!

— Erin Doppelt
Business Coach
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